Ya gotta love her.

How often do you come across someone in your life that makes you stop and take notice? I’m sure over the years we’ve all met people who have surprised us, who have made us realize for the first time or once again that there are those in life who are truly special and are worthy of a second look and who truly generate joy and love and who help us feel those feelings for the first time or again, after a long gap in time.

The older I’ve become, the less this happens, so when it does happen, it’s magical. I’ve recently met a woman (who really seems like a girl because of her innocent joy) who has truly made me stop and take notice. She’s my Zumba teacher. She’s about 10 years younger than me, but her essence and her energy is like that of a teenager. She by no means has an easy life, she has a good life, but it is full. A husband, two kids, a big ole dog and several classes of Zumba that she teaches each week. She’s been a nurse for many years, she is a caretaker at heart and she is a solid and wonderful person that I am happy to call my friend.

The reason I mention her is because the normal, everyday, supposedly “average” person, rarely gets the attention they deserve. But this woman, in my opinion, belongs in the hall of fame of fabulous people. No matter her mood, when she starts our classes or a conversation, she exudes love, fun, joy, laughter and love, and shares that with each and every person that she interacts with, regardless of what her state of mind is at the time.

I’ve gone to her class in a deep funk, and after the first song, I’m invigorated, enlightened and happier than when I walked in just a few minutes prior, because of her passion and enthusiasm. She has a gift. She cares more about the well-being of others than she does of herself, it seems. And yet, she truly needs others to recognize this and reciprocrate these traits back to her as well.

Thank you Susan Wilbur, for just being you. For being a fabulous Zumba teacher, a fabulous person, a great friend, and a truly lovely individual with a heart of gold. I just felt you needed to have this written about you so that you may know how much you are loved and appreciated by so many. Especially me.





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